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Trainstation Free Gems Cheats Tips and Tricks

TrainStation game is a train simulator game that allows its players to own different types of Locomotives and build their own Railway empire. Here we are going to see what are TrainStation Free Gems and how to acquire them. The Gems are a rare type of currency that can be used to buy special items. Once you have built one locomotive, you will get your first TrainStation free gems.

This game is programmed in a way that you start from the basic type of engines (Steam) and then gradually build your railway empire by buying more Wagons, Buildings, Locomotives, and decorations for your station. As you level up you can buy more advanced locomotives and wagons. In this, some of the locomotives, wagons, and other items can only be bought using the Gems. You gain coins and ‘XP’ by sending your trains to friends, neighbors, and various other destinations. You can decorate your station with items available in the shop and upgrade your station with buildings.

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How to play TrainStation?

You can play this game on computer, tablet or smartphones. In a computer, you can either play this by logging into your Facebook account or by visiting the developer’s website and signing in using your Google+ account. You can even signup directly from the developer’s website to play the game.

Uses of TrainStation Gems

  • You can use the gems to speed up the trains.
  • Buy special locomotives, wagons, and special items.
  • The items bought using the gems always provide more rewards than the free items
  • You can buy things faster and earlier after they unlock

How to collect TrainStation Free Gems?


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As I mentioned earlier you may need Gems to buy some of the items in the game and for that, you need to acquire as many gems as possible. You can earn gems either by spending money or free by playing the game.  You can acquire free gems in the following ways:-

  • When you build your first locomotive you will be rewarded 110 Free Gems.
  • As you level up the TrainStation free gems are added in multiples of five (You may not get for all levels).
  • You can earn free gems through certain contracts. These contracts will be activated only after the player purchase an international slot.
  • You stand a chance to get free gems via the Gem Express – a train that happens to arrive randomly in the station. There is no level constraint for this train.
  • Like other games, if there is any outage, as a compliment the players receive Gem Packages.
  • If you are lucky you can get TrainStation free gems when you tap on Wall Posts.
  • There is a mini-game that can be played on the official site once a day. You may get few gems from there also.
  • The Last but and the most important part, Using Our Special Link to claim your Free Gems and Coins

Free Flags and Materials in Trainstation

Aside from Gems, You can also get free Coins, Flags and Materials by following the method mentioned above.

PS: Check the Official Facebook Page of the Game for More Updates and New Features.

TrainStation New Game Feature

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Above are the possible ways to acquire TrainStation free gems from playing the game. If you wish to acquire more free gems you can visit the page – TrainStation/ – and answer the questionnaire posted on their page. You stand a chance to get rewarded with free coins and gems like this. So, get ready to become a railway tycoon!