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Slitherio Hacks Cheats Mods Tips and Tricks (stylized as Slitherio) is undoubtedly one of the most viral games ever made. Like many other players, I’ve also become quite addicted to it in the past couple of days. It evokes memories of Snake (Nokia) and Katamari Damacy (PS2), two of the games that I enjoyed playing growing up. The game’s use of leaderboards and online multiplayer though makes it infinitely more addictive than any of the two other games that I mentioned. However, the competitive nature of the game can also make it frustrating for players who are new at it. So if you want to avoid punching your monitor or phone, make sure to check out our Cheats and Tips below.

SlitherIO Game Tips and Tricks
SlitherIO Game Tips and Tricks. Looking for SlitherIO Cheats and Hacks? Read Below Basic Movements and Controls

While is a game that can be enjoyed regardless of your play style, there are still skills that you’ll need to master if you want to be good at it. Before we discuss advanced Slither IO tips and tricks though, we’ll first need to be familiar with the basics. Playing the game only requires you to point your mouse to the direction where you want your worm/snake to go. The objective is to make it grow bigger and longer by letting it feed on the glowing little spheres scattered around the playable area.

Another way to make the snake grow is by having other players’ snakes bump into its sides. When this happens, the other snake will disintegrate into little glowing spheres that your snake can then consume. Though this might seem faster compared to just “foraging” for little glowing spheres, you’ll also need to remember that other players can also do the same thing to your own snake. In fact, it’s likely that you’ll end up getting targeted by other players once you’ve grown large enough.

Slitherio Tips and Tricks


The first of the techniques or skills that you’ll need to master is dashing. This is a feature of your snake that gives it a speed boost whenever you press on your left mouse button (swiping on mobile). It’s great for cutting off other player’s movement and making them hit your sides. The problem with this though is that the speed boost results in your snake using up the little green spheres that it consumed. If you constantly use this then you’re definitely going to end up small again.

So if you want to maximize this technique, make sure that you only it only when necessary. If you’re close to another snake much smaller than you then use this to cut off any avenue of escape. In the event that you’re the smaller snake in the encounter, then this should be handy in allowing you to escape from the other player. I’ve personally seen players who were much smaller take down snakes several times larger because of good positioning coupled with dashing.


Slitherio Tips and Tricks Wrap Around the Snakes

Now that you’ve mastered how to dash the next technique you’ll need to learn is the Wrap-Around. As its name implies, this will have you wrapping your snake around itself as a defensive and offensive tactic. You can use this technique to hide your snake against enemy snakes if you’re being overrun by them. Conversely, you can also encircle smaller snakes using this method for the guaranteed kill. What’s also great about this is that you’ll

It’s important to note though that you should only be doing this if you’ve already managed to grow your length to around 1000 or up. Any shorter than that and you’ll find your prey turning the tables on you.

Patience and Picking Your Fights

Knowing when to prey against other players is arguably one of the most under-appreciated Slitherio tips and tricks out there. Most players think that it’s okay to be aggressive when going up against bigger snakes. What they don’t know is that there’s really no point in doing so. Unless they’re really good, bigger snakes will eventually die. Regardless if it was you who did the killing or not, what’s important is that you immediately get big glowing spheres that these snakes drop.

So how do you shadow bigger snakes then? First off, you’ll need to be in the middle of the playable area. Not only are there lots of glowing spheres here but this is also where most of the big snakes can be found. Once you’re there, look for the biggest snake and follow it. Make sure that you stick to its side or to its tail-end. If you’re on its side, be mindful of any changes in direction it might make. Additionally, always make sure that you don’t stick too closely to it or you might inadvertently hit it when it makes a sharp turn.

You might also want to consider stalking just its tail. Provided you don’t stick to closely to it, you’ll get to enjoy a lot of the glowing spheres that the bigger snake might miss. Also, if it does bite the dust then you can always dash or boost to get the large glowing spheres it’ll drop. Of course, it’s also important that you give yourself a little distance with the tail since it can grow when the bigger snake is feeding. Tips and Tricks, Be Patient on Every Snakes Tips and Tricks, Be Patient on Every Snakes Cheats and Hacks?

I’ve personally tried some slither io hacks but I couldn’t really tell if they worked. There was a site that I visited that boasted of improving my snake’s speed and multiplied its growth. When I tested it out though, there were no visible changes. In fact, I had to fill an offer that asked for my number and email which I found really fishy.

Honestly, it’s more fun to play without any Slitherio Cheats or Hacks. I’ve wasted countless hours on the game without having to worry about my rank in the leaderboards. Of course, you are free to choose how you play I don’t actually think that there are any safeguards against cheats and hacks in the game. If you do want to cheat or hack the game feel free to do so but just make sure that you’re not too obvious about it.