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Have you always dreamed of managing a huge business by the seaports, having a large fleet of ships and be in ultimate control of all the operations?If you have been answering ‘YES’ to all the above questions, you must check out this new popular online game Seaport-Explore, Collect & Trade and give wings to your fantasies! Unlike other games posted on this website like House of Fun, this game is far different from the others.

Get introduced to the fancy world of sea and learn the basics of Cargo Trade. There is so much that you can do with the game right from building up your port to exploring the new and unknown lands. You can also lay your hands on Seaport-Explore, Collect & Trade Free Gems Cheats and learn to claim some really good and free stuff in the game such as the Coins and Gems.

Seaport Explore Daily Tasks Bonus

Seaport Explore Daily Bonus


Seaport-Explore, Collect & Trade Basic Game Rules

Apart from getting the most updated content every week, the players can also do the following:

  • Build up their port
  • Buy historic ships
  • Trade with friends
  • Explore unknown lands
  • Manage and expand the fleet
  • Sail on new waters

Seaport Explore Unlocks Island Resources

Getting Started:

You are in charge into a Small Port. It is up to you to develop it into prosperous home Port of a Naval Fleet. In order to upgrade buildings and ships, you need resources.

Two (2) Ways to Obtain and Upgrade Buildings and Ships:

  1. By Fishing and Production in your Port.
  2. By Sailing – Buy the Main Dock and start building your Fleet. The Ships can bring you materials from the destinations on the map.
  3. Complete daily Tasks to claim Free Bonus Gems, XP and other Resources.
Seaport Explore Achievements
Seaport Explore Achievements

When you go online, you will find Seaport-Explore, Collect & Trade Free Gems Cheats. This will help you do much more with the game and that too without spending a fortune. The players can collect new ships, explore new lands and get a chance to show the power of their fleet in several themed events.

Getting Free Gems, Woods, and other Resources:

You can Get Free Gems every time you Level-Up, Upgrade Buildings, Sailing on Maps, collect Treasure Chest from the Sea and more.

Seaport-Explore, Collect & Trade Free Gems and XP
Easy way to Get Gems, XP, and other Resources

How to Claim Free Gems and Coins in Seaport-Explore, Collect & Trade Game?

In case, you do not wish to use your real money to buy the stuff, you can follow our special link that will take you a landing page where you can buy all this for Free. Apart from this, there are several offers that are launched for the players from time to time. They are authentic, genuine and in working condition, unlike the other fake sites that offer in genuine links and download.

Seaport Explore Free Gems Cheats Tutorials

Note: Continue playing the game daily, Upgrade all the Ships, Sail into different Islands, Complete daily Tasks, Upgrade the Townhall and other buildings on your Island and Enjoy Playing. Thank You! Questions regarding Seaport Explore? Comment below.