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pokemon_go_logoPokémon Go is a game developed by Niantic and published by The Pokémon Company, which mixes the latest in virtual reality tech with the worldwide phenomenon of Pokémon, which launched back in the mid 90’s. Since July 6th, 2016 people in Australia, New Zealand, and the US can download the free game app on their Android or IOS devices, and the phenomenon is now also (legally) available in Germany and the UK. There are now officially more people playing Pokémon Go than people using Twitter. Many new Pokémon trainers have made mistakes while playing. This article will help you become one of the best Pokémon Go trainers out there with cool tricks and tips and bring you up to date on the latest controversies surrounding the game.

How to Download and Play Pokémon Go?

How to Play Pokemon Go Guides for Newbie Tips and Tricks

Available Countries to Download Pokémon Go so Far. If you live in Australia, New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom or Germany, congratulations! You can download the game for free on your Android or IOS device. That being said, all around the world players have been downloading the game illegally from the App store or Google Play. Many are willing to play with the bounds of legality “to unite all peoples within our [Pokémon Go] nation” as the motto of the infamous Team Rocket says. Dozens of other countries will soon be brought into the fold and allowed to play the game.

A warning before downloading the game.

There have been a few controversies surrounding the game which are worth mentioning. Firstly, many fake apps have been popping up, and if players download those the security of their phone and any app within is at risk. So be sure to download the official Pokémon Go app developed by Niantic and published by the Pokémon Company. For example one FAKE app is Pokémon Go Ultimate, be sure NOT to download this malware app.

Pokemon Go VS Google Account Warning

The Google Account Controversy.

A controversy has arisen on how much access to your google account the game has. Since it is a GPS based game players are used to allowing such apps to track your location, but when downloaded on IOS Pokémon Go can do much more. The app asks full access to your Google account, which means it can access everything, from your location, to photos stored on your Google account, all your contacts, and even your emails. A subsequent iOS app update has since then reduced the scope of access, so the game should now be safe to download.

How to play?

How to Play Pokemon Go Starter Guide

You have now safely downloaded the game and are ready to play. You are asked to create your trainer’s avatar and ID. Knowing that there are more Pokémon Go users than people on Twitter, available names are becoming a problem, up to you to be original and creative. Once this is done Professor Willow explains how the game works and, as is the other Pokémon games, you are offered a choice of starter. Since Pokémon Go is based on the first generation of Pokémon you are offered a choice between Bulbasaur Charmander and Squirtle. To capture your starter, you need to get up and walk towards one of the starter’s Locations in real life. But are these three the only starter Pokémon?

Secret Starter Pokémon!

There is a trick to getting Pikachu as your starter Pokémon if you so want. The trick is to walk away from the other three starter Pokémon. At first they will keep respawning around you, until finally (after 3 or 4 respawns) a fourth Pokémon becomes available for capture, and that is the world famous Pikachu! Once you are within range of the Pokémon you wish to capture,  Tap it on screen, and you enter the Pokémon appears on your Mobile Screen, as if it was there in real life. You then have to throw poke balls at the Pokémon until it is captured. Getting the hang of throwing poke balls takes a few tries, but soon enough you will have your first Pokémon!

How to Catch Pokemon Go Starter

How to catch ‘em all?

The point of the game is to catch all 150 Pokémon from the first generation. Only 146 Pokémons are available in the wild, 4 Legendary Pokémons are unavailable, for now. The brilliance of the game is that different Pokémon is limited to certain areas. Your environment determines what kind of Pokémon you will encounter, as is the case in previous Pokémon games. The most obvious example of this is water type Pokémon. While there is a small percentage chance f capturing water Pokémon in your house while having breakfast, it is far more likely to encounter one when near water. Walking along a river, a lake, or the sea, greatly increases the chance of encountering and therefore capturing water Pokémon.

Pokemon Go Characters

Tricks for more  XP!

As with most adventure type games, the point is to gain experience and level up. You gain experience by capturing Pokémon, hatching Pokémon eggs, winning fights and visiting Pokestops. The higher level you are the stronger the Pokémon you encounter get and the better the rewards for leveling up, so xp is a precious thing. The trick lies in realizing that any new captured Pokémon offers a bonus 500 XP and that having a Lucky Egg active doubles the mount of xp you gain for any action. Lucky Eggs are one of the objects you can buy in game with real world money. Up to you if you are willing to make the investment, but starting the game with lucky eggs can really make leveling up a lot easier. Since you are bound to capture dozens of new Pokémon early in the game it is best to have Lucky Eggs active so that you gain double the experience points every time.

Pokemon Go Players Worldwide

One of us! One of us! One of us!

Counterintuitively, if you want to encounter a lot of wild Pokémon you had better go to a highly populated area and avoid the wild. This is another great thing about the game: it encourages social interaction. When you are out playing Pokémon Go you are bound to meet other players around Gyms and Pokestops.

Catch ‘em all, defeat the gyms in your area and become a Pokémon Go master. For More Information about the Game itself, visit the Pokemon Go website, the Pokestore, the Maps and all the Game Updates. Visit Here

Update to Pokemon Go: Gamespot posted a short video on Facebook with the new Update, which allows players to Trade Pokemon. Watch the Video Below