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NBA 2K18 Launched: Great Improvements to Watch Out For.

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The video game series NBA 2K has shaped up quickly. Last February 2017, it was announced that NBA and Take-Two Interactive developed NBA eSports. The league was created with seventeen participating teams from the NBA, including the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

NBA 2K18 Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors Matchup

NBA 2K18 Cavs Warriors Lineup

NBA 2K18 Kevin Durant vs Cavs

NBA 2K18 Kevin Durant vs Lebron James

NBA 2K18 Kevin Durant

Brendan Donohue, the Managing Director of the NBA 2K series, has revealed that the first season of the league will push through by May 2018. Donohue added that drafting for the upcoming league will happen by March next year. This is where each team will pick the first five players who will represent the team, just like in a traditional game of basketball.

Right now, Take-Two Interactive is working hard to polish the key details of the game to guarantee the enjoyment of eager fans of the video game series. They are deciding where to play the official game – on the PlayStation, Xbox or PC. It was also mentioned that there would be a lockdown for the fans who will watch the game.

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NBA 2K18 My Career, The NeighborHood

The NBA 2K series’ fans have different opinions about the changes that happened with the game. The transformation is considered an ambitious dream. But needless to say, with the creator’s innovation and feature expansion, the NBA 2K series is in second place among the most popular sports game in the world.

My Career is a unique feature of the NBA 2K series wherein the player can enjoy the game’s single-player mode. This mainly focuses on the player’s off-court activity including a solo venture in his apartment or doing upgrades and character customization.

NBA 2K18 My Career Neighborhood

NBA 2K18 Neighborhood

NBA 2K18 The NeighborHood

The release of NBA 2K18 began My Career’s transformation into an open-court escapade called The Neighborhood. It gives gamers a true to life experience while playing basketball in the digital court.

The concept of the Neighborhood is to guide the created avatar to a 99 overall rating giving the name Road 99. In this part of the game, players can enjoy hanging out in the 2K Zone, which includes a gym, tattoo-parlor, barber shop, park for street ball activity, clothing store, and new kicks. In Road 99, gamers can have the chance to earn badges to become one of the greatest players of all times.

The Downside

However, one of the downsides of the Neighborhood is that there are too many segments tied with default My Career events that you cannot skip. There are segments that consume a lot of time. For example, while playing the game, you have to travel for 2 minutes before reaching the barber shop and get a haircut. In the previous NBA 2K titles, this task is done by just clicking tabs. Another instance is when you travel with an athlete but moves with limited pace is a waste of time.

NBA 2K18 My Player Apprearance

Another concern among players is that thousands of characters have disappeared from their accounts. It is a frustrating scenario that the long years, money, and effort invested to the avatars have vanished in an instant.

The NBA 2K developers have tweeted that they are investigating the problem but have not issued any resolution yet. But many series fans are hopeful that at the end of the day, those characters will soon appear again right after updating the features of the game.

The Virtual Currency (VC)

According to some of the fans, it is not a good move to incorporate microtransactions with Virtual Currency. The gamers’ growth is supported by Virtual Currency, and it is used within the game to purchase virtual goods, clothing, and animation packages that give the player new attributes and abilities. There are some players who even use real money to accelerate their in-game character’s progress.

NBA 2K18 VC Virtual Currency

In NBA 2K18, you have to spend a lot of money for every turn the character makes. There are parts of the creation process that was changed, from a paid wardrobe like getting a haircut and a tattoo. You have to double your effort if you want your character to be accelerated.

To upgrade and customize the character you have to play and climb up the overall rating and pair this with extra Virtual Currency. This only means that you have to play longer hours and not all fans are happy about it.


In NBA 2K18 there is a noticeable improvement in the character’s defending and dribbling ability. It is more intuitive compared to NBA 2K17. You can also distinguish players who are below average, good, average and elite ball handlers.

But some players recognize that there is a delay in passing the ball using NBA 2K18. For instance, the character might not pass the ball at the exact moment you command him to. The passing time needs to be turned up a little bit.

The NBA 2K18 graphics far outshine the graphics in NBA 2K17. The improvement in characters’ appearances includes more muscle tone, visible sweat running down from arms and shoulder, and more detailed facial hair. The NBA 2K series is investing time and effort in creating various characters that are accurate. No wonder NBA 2K18’s graphics is more enhanced and almost have the same look like the real players that they are based on.

Joel Embiid

NBA 2K18 Ben Simmons vs Kyrie Irving

NBA 2K18 Ben Simmons

NBA 2K18 Joel Embiid

NBA 2K18 Lonzo Ball

NBA 2K18 might have a lot of differences compared to previous NBA 2K titles, and it is worth it to check out the title to experience all these amazing changes that Take-Two Interactive has made to the latest entry in the franchise. Get your copy of NBA 2K18 today and play the game to bring to life your dreams of being a basketball superstar.

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