NBA 2K17 Updates and Expectations


Update: Indianapolis: Wednesday: June 21, 20016: NBA 2K Announced its new cover Paul George on the upcoming video game NBA 2K17. Paul George, after a remarkable comeback from a leg injury was rewarded by being put on the cover of the wildly popular NBA 2K17 video game. Paul George is averaging 23 Points, 7 Rebounds and 4 Assists per game. Also selected 2 Times Eastern player of the Month.

NBA 2K17 Cover Athlete Stats for the 2015-2016 Season


George won the Eastern Conference player of the month award for October and November and finished the regular season with career highs in points, steals, assists and 3-pointers — before an even more dazzling display in the playoffs, when he helped the seventh-seeded Pacers push the Toronto Raptors to seven games in the first round (ESPN)



NBA 2K17 Announcement

News about NBA 2K17 : Fourth quarter, 31.6 seconds left on the clock. The score is 96 for Utah Jazz, 95 for LA Lakers. Number 24 yellow-purple jersey takes the ball, steps over the 3-point line and tosses it in the air, following its arc with his hand as if though he’s guiding it. The ball smoothly lands into the hoop; the crowd goes crazy, and even Jack Nicholson smiles and gives Kobe an applause. This was Kobe Bryant’s last career match, one which his team won 101-96 thanks to the 60 points he scored during the game.

On the day of Kobe’s last match, we got word of NBA 2K17 release date and more details about the special Legend edition that will feature Kobe on the cover, available through a pre-order right now. The release date is currently set for September 2016, with the confirmed platforms being Windows, Playstation 3 and 4 and Xbox 360 and One.

The Legend edition, priced at $80, contains a nice set of physical and digital bonuses, including a custom controller skin, digital currency bonus, and in-game apparel. Digital Legend edition is only available on One and PS4 and will not include physical pre-order bonuses. If you pre-order as an Amazon Prime member, you are eligible for a 20% discount, saving you $16 of the total price.

PRE-ORDER NBA2K17 Legend Edition

Based on the time-honored tradition of the latest iteration in the n+1 sports series being a slightly more polished version of n, we can take a look at the NBA 2k16 and guess what’s waiting for us in the upcoming sequel. Since NBA 2k16 got excellent reviews and the developer/publisher combo remained the same, we can expect very few changes to the winning formula. So, let’s dive in and start speculating.

“It’s fitting that Kobe had a video-game stat line the day it was announced he’d be on the cover of an edition of NBA 2K17,” writes GQ. ( Posted on NBA 2K’s Official Facebook Page )

NBA 2K17 Story

NBA 2K16 had a distinct story mode that wasn’t just an afterthought tacked onto the multiplayer mode, as recent games are wont to do. In fact, the story mode felt cinematic, with cut scenes and dialogue, just like you’re watching a real movie. That’s not a surprise since the story was written by Spike Lee, an actual movie director with a knack for drama. The narrative itself was emotional and personal, adding extra value to the play through and making the gameplay feel richer than if it was a simple chain of matches you had to win for the sake of winning.

In the case of NBA 2K17, one possible story angle could be the rivalry between Kobe and Shaquille O’Neal when the former first joined Lakers in 1996 as an 18-year-old. Shaq considered Kobe arrogant and overconfident, turning the whole team against the newcomer while Kobe considered himself the best player who had ever lived and kept going despite all the hate. Their rivalry grew, causing a rift in the team both on and off the court. Jealousy, competition, and hostility eventually culminated in game 7 of the 2000 Western Conference Finals against Portland Trail Blazers. This is where Kobe and Shaq finally started working together and mounted a comeback thanks to Kobe’s alley-oop pass leading to Shaq’s slam dunk, which won Lakers the game and the Conference finals.

NBA 2K17 Gameplay Expectations

NBA 2K16 had you wrestle with the controller as you tried to grasp the nuances of player and ball control. At times, it felt like the game itself was an IQ test, since the tricks weren’t explained all that well, but you were expected to know them all and vary them often due to adaptive AI that didn’t allow cheesing. The positive side of the control system was that it fostered an intuitive and creative gameplay style, which guaranteed you’ll never want to play two same attacks twice.

The gameplay in NBA 2K17 doesn’t have to change at all compared to the last year’s title, but more detailed and informative tutorials for on-court tricks would help both the newbies and veterans who might have trouble getting back into the action. Otherwise, you are left with hours and hours of training and experimenting, but that’s par for the course for an NBA enthusiast. Finally, you can trade in your jersey for a suit and play as a team or franchise manager with up to 29 other people, making your richest fantasy basketball dreams a reality.

NBA 2K16 proved itself as a really solid game, fleshed out in every aspect and made by a studio that knows basketball, loves video games and enjoys bringing the two together. The 2k franchise is a valuable addition to any gamer’s collection and you should most certainly grab the NBA2K17 as soon as you possibly can. While the microtransaction model usually harms any game it’s included in, 2k series fares pretty well in that regard, always making the real cash payments an option, not a necessity. If you love the 2k series, NBA 2k17 is certainly your most valuable draft for this year.

Pre- Order NBA 2K17 Legend Edition

Pre- Order NBA 2K17 Legend Edition and Get NBA 2K’s Freebies includes the following:

Physical Items

  1. Limited Edition Kobe Poster
  2. Black Mamba Controller Skin
  3. 2 Panini Kobe Trading Cards

Digital Items:

  1. 30,000 Virtual Currency (VC)
  2. My TEAM Bundle + ( Including 3 Packs with guaranteed Kobe Free Agent Card)
  3. 2K Kobe XI Shoe
  4. Kobe #8 Mitchell and Ness Jersey
  5. Kobe Hoodie
  6. More To Come.. (Wait for the Announcement)

PRE-ORDER Legend Edition

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