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Jackpot Party Casino Cheats for Free Coins

Learn how to get special bonus and Free Coins on your favorite game, Jackpot Party Casino. Get Jackpot Party Casino for Android mobile users and more tutorials. With almost 3 Million Players on Facebook, Jackpot Party Casino Community is the longest running Facebook game since 2012, Not to mention; this game is still actively moving and giving away Coins daily. Jackpot Party Casino can be played on iOS, on Desktop and also on Android. More Jackpot Party Casino Free Coins, Free Chips here.

How To Get Free Coins on Jackpot Party Casino Community?

There are lots of ways to get Free Coins on this game, as what I’ve mentioned above, they are giving away Free Coins daily on their Facebook Page ( Beware of fake ones as tons of them on the original page claiming free coins. LOL!! Trust me ?

Jackpot Party Free Coins

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6 Easy Steps to Claim Jackpot Party Casino Free Coins( With Pictures Below)

  1. By participating in Jackpot Party Casino daily giveaways on their Facebook Page. Click This Link for the Facebook Page
  2. By Answering their questions ( contest ) also available on their page.
  3. By Clicking on your notification, once you installed it on your Android phones, liking on their page, there’s a notification daily where they are offering free coins when you tap on the link.
  4. By Spinning the wheel ( this one can be claimed only once you’re on the game. this can be claimed once only per day.
  5. JPC also runs contest once a year, or maybe once in a month (not sure about this one haha) where you can win a trip to different places. ( forget the grammar) See the contest samples
  6. Click Our Special Link to Claim Jackpot Party Casino Free Coins daily.

Below are the Screenshots i made, see the difference between fake cheats and those offering Free Coins and cheats.

Jackpot Party Casino Free Coins Cheats

Claim Jackpot Party Free Coins Here


Q. I Searched for “Jackpot Party Casino Free Coins” on Google and other search engines, Are they really working?

A. Most of the time, when you searched for this kind of keywords on the internet, MOST of them are NOT WORKING!! Yeah, I’m sure about my answer. As most of them usually keeps you answering surveys and steal your $$$ from your pocket. So BEWARE!!!

Claim Jackpot Party Free Coins Here


Answer: I guarantee 100% that the link below is legit. The Link is Updated and Created by  Community developer and Admins.

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